Goals for 2012

It seems goal setting is a big trend these days. I’ve jumped on the band wagon and made my own set of goals that I’ll try to accomplish each year.

Goals for 2012

Reading Goals

  • Read 5 pages/day, for 30 days.
  • Read 10 pages/day for 30 days.
  • Read 20 pages/day for 45 days.
  • 10 new books by end of June.
  • 20 new books by the end of 2012.

Blogging/Writing Goals

  • Start/Restart a blog.
  • Post 10 articles
  • Guest post on 10 different blogs in that niche.
  • Generate 1$/day as revenue.
  • Generate 5$/day through Adsense.

Fitness Goals

  • Run 2 Kms non-stop
  • Run 4 Kms non-stop
  • Run 8 Kms non-stop
  • Hit the gym 25 days in one month

Financial Goals

  • Earn 1$ in month
  • Earn 5$ in a month
  • Earn 50$ in a month
  • Earn 100$ in a month
  • Earn 200$ in a month
  • Earn 500$ in a month
  • Earn 1000$ in a month
  • Earn 2000$ in a month
  • Earn 5000$ in a month

Other Random Goals

  • Travel to Kashmir
  • Study like a serious student and get more knowledge – Working on it.
  • Make a short film – Here’s the link to the movie I made.
  • Start a website that teaches something valuable to people
  • Teach Maths/Eng/Science to kids for at least 200 hours in the whole year (10,20,40,80,160,200)

Rather ambitious eh? I know..Anyway, wish me luck as I get started on this massive list of goals.

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Prateek Modi

I am a village simpleton from a place called Hapur. I am fond of reading, writing and exploring life. I generally like people, places and crazy adventures. Oh, and I'm also fond of collecting useless crap such as bills, memos and memories.

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