Unemployed in Delhi

Lord, thank you giving us the freedom of making choices so that we may plan our own lives.

It was about time I made some choices and stuck to them instead of jumping around like a wild monkey. With that intention, I had made the move from semi-rural Hapur to developed Delhi.

Its been four days since I shifted to the noisy, promising and ancient city. I’ve been roaming about like an unemployed duck looking for work to do and money to make. But I’ve been quite unsuccessful so far. Broadly, I want to:

1. Find a job (preferably part-time) as an internet marketing consultant in some company

2. Start working on my website more seriously

3. Tutor kids in Math, Science and English

4. Work on creating online math classes

5. Volunteer at an NGO.

These are the five areas of work which I want to involve myself in. Every single day. However, I still must admit that there is fear, doubt, uncertainty and a lack of aim as to what I want with my life. I really don’t know where or what I see myself as five years down the line. Yes, my life is that out of shape.

I haven’t found a job yet. Most of the openings that come through Naukri.com are in Gurgaon and I don’t want to relocate that far from Delhi. I’m not working on my website as seriously as I know I’m capable of but I do try and write a little on it everyday and I’m tutoring one class 4 child in Math, Science and English. Today, I even found an NGO where I can volunteer at though how I’m supposed to be doing it, I have not the slightest clue. It’s a non profit called  the Uday Foundation and they primarily focus on improving children’s health and rights.

I met a couple of people there today and the guy who was talking to me seemed enthusiastic and motivating. I hope the work will be equally rewarded. Like Sherlock Holmes, I want to find work where I work for work’s sake and not for the money, fame or friends. It will take me time to reach that stage but at least I’ve started. It’s better than sitting on my ass in Hapur and not doing much constructive stuff.

The only cautions which I must heed are:

1. Not get discouraged easily – This happened today. I went into some weird spell of disinterestedness and boredom smack in the middle of my conversation with the NGO guy and I had to snap out of it and maintain my focus. Again, when I sat down to write content for my website, I was highly demotivated and felt like giving it all up, felt it was futile. But again I had to remind myself that it was a valuable asset and it was my duty to take care of it. So I have to keep the momentum strong and inspired if I want to reach anywhere.

2. Not speak much but let actions show – I have to start becoming humble and modest about my affairs. I met a guy from college whom I’ve barely talked to earlier. He asked me what I was upto since college got over and I kind of started blowing my own trumpet. Later on, I felt like a cheap vain ass. And this has happened in the past so I need to keep away from such vain tendencies.

3. I must continue striving and keep my goals clear – All four actions above closely tie with my long term goals of working in the education sector

List of NGOs to Volunteer with in Delhi

I am currently unemployed, almost alone, and quite miserable in a big city. So I thought, why not dig up a list of NGOs, contact them, and volunteer at one of them to pass time, feel a little good, and contribute to something larger than yourself?

This is the list, of possible NGOs where I can volunteer:

Only four decent ones that I could list. I’m quite certain there are plenty more but I shall contact these for now and see what happens.

Money – Do we give it more importance than we should?

Why do Indian parents force their kids into ‘safe’ career options when the country is witnessing a vast change in it’s overall outlook? Why do they want their kids to go into careers which have ‘several options’ or where the ‘scope’ is limitless? Isn’t this morally wrong – to impose one’s own wishes on the kid?

I read somewhere that making each and every decision for your child has a lot of severe disadvantages which are often overlooked. A – It will severely affect your kid’s ability to make decisions. B – There’s a tendency to impose one’s own wishes and desires which have not been fulfilled after one’s own life has finished, on the kids.

If the kid wants to do something else, shouldn’t they be allowed to do so? Especially after college when they are old enough to decide?

baking as a career
What! You want to bake cakes for a living?!?!?!

A friend of mine is fond of baking. Now baking as a career is definitely not the conventional career path that parents choose for their kids in our country. But if this person wants to bake for a living, if she loves this more than anything else and is willing to work hard at it, why not give her a chance?

I seriously feel that a majority of Indian parents have stopped having fun in life, they have stopped growing up. Especially in Delhi. After all, there is so much ‘competition’ in the world right? What will happen if they don’t choose a high paying career? Money is so important right? Much more important than having fun in life?

We are born in this world as beautiful little creatures as babies. White, pink, soft and tender. As the years go by, we become old and old and old and old..and as we become old, we usually become unhappy about this and that. Critical and cynical about things in life, we try and enjoy whatever little we can. Why do people do this to themselves? Why can’t I have fun all the time? Is it is necessary to be ‘serious’ so that we can face the competition and make big bucks? What if I don’t want to? Why should I spend the day working like a log earning 2 lac per month salary when I’m content with making 20 grand a day?

22 Possible Career Options

When you don’t have a job to go to, a class to attend or an exam to write…you’re pretty jobless. Which is what I am. In sophisticated language, I’m taking a sabbatical.

For the last few days, I have been planning, scheming and cooking up ideas in my spare time, trying to figure out a meaningful career for myself. Fancying creating a creative business of my own, earning my millions and enjoying the good life. I have yet to get my definition of ‘a good life’ right. I have thought about this before too. I was brainstorming some ideas and this is what I came up with:

My list of top 22 possible career choices after Graduation

  1. Scientist.
  2. Engineer.
  3. Mathematician.
  4. Finance/Investment Ninja.
  5. Indian Civil Services Officer.
  6. Police Inspector.
  7. Responsible Politician.
  8. Corrupt Politician.
  9. Writer.
  10. Full time Blogger.
  11. Film maker/Script writer.
  12. Social Entrepreneur.
  13. Business man/Industrialist/Corporate Honcho
  14. Start a Think Tank.
  15. Waste Recycling.
  16. Green/Alternative Energy Sector.
  17. Travel Journalist.
  18. Confused, Job-Seeking, Just-Another-Cog-in-the-blood-sucking-corporate world Worker Ant.
  19. Drug Peddler/Hippie/Guitarist/Magician/Astrologer.
  20. Organic Farmer.
  21. Spiritual Guru.
  22. Bhajans Organizer{Mandli} (There’s shitloads of money in this, in case you’re wondering whether I’ve lost my mind.)
These are the 22 things which I came up with this morning. I’ll quickly analyse each option along with whether I have the required skill set or not.
  • Scientist, Engineer, Mathematician and think tank – I dont’t think I have the required skills and qualifications to make it big with these in India. Perhaps I could collaborate with people who are most passionate in these areas.
  • Finance is a little boring. It’s only about money. I’m not that greedy right now. Plus it requires tons of math and I’m recovering from a math overdose. But the money is good.
  • IAS and Police and Politics..Hmm..Will require tons of studying and hard work. I don’t really know why I would want to get into this..money and power I guess. Plus I doubt if I have the shrewdness to survive as a politician. But the money is freaking good!
  • Writer/Blogger – Most probable option since I can write legibly and have some experience in the industry. Money is average. I can survive if I live minimally.
  • Industrialist – Nah. There are way too many polluting industries in the world right now. We need something effective to counter that.
  • Waste Recycling/ Green Energy/Organic Farming: Quite a possible choice. Plenty of demand and scope. We desperately need to cultivate sustainable living habits. Will require plenty of science and engineering and money though. Let’s file this away right now.
  • Travel Journalist/Filmmaker/Script Writer/Drug Peddler/Hippie/Guitarist – My parents will lose it if I talk about this to them. I’d rather file these away too. 15 years of education would be wasted if I ended up smuggling marijuana. My sense of humour has definitely gone down.
  • Confused, Job-Seeking Worker Ant into sales/marketing.Nah. There’s way too many people doing this in India right now. I wouldn’t have an edge then.
  • Bhajans Organizer/Spiritual Guru – I have a solid interest spirituality and the occult. And there’s plenty of money in this too (A friend’s brother made 50,000 in one night of bhajans through donations and good will. Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Baba Ramdev have a combined wealth of a over 40,000 crores.)

Off to scratch a new surface once again

Exams have ended and with them, so has my college life in Hindu College. It was an okayish life I guess. In the end, though, I do have a  couple of regrets. Seeing the cut offs now (as much as 100% in SRCC for pursuing BCom) I realize that getting through DU is quite a stiffie now. I made it to Hindu College quite easily because I had worked my ass off in school. So I should’ve made better use of this opportunity to attend college in a premier college (atleast compared to other C Grade places in the country). But I didn’t. Instead, I spent the time as most of the people in Colleges do – ‘chillin’.

I guess the time to chill is now over now that college is over. I have to make a fresh start to my future career, which I am still deciding on. What should I be? Should I be an online marketer, copy writer, web designer or what? What I really want to be is someone like Steve Jobs. “To put in ding in the universe”.

If there’s one aspiration that I’ve had from the time I was six of seven years old, it has been to be an inventor. I want to create something new.Something for the betterment of society. And not just technology related. Technology in my experience becomes obsolete very quickly. As a result, it usually leads to a lot of e-waste. I want to contribute in an environmental friendly way to harm nature as little as possible. Unfortunately, I know zilch about engineering, thanks to the beautiful education system in this country which tends to bleed high performing students completely dry. Either that or the grading system in school is bull shit – inflating your grades more than you’re actually worth. No point cribbing about this, have cribbed enough already.

It’s going to be a very difficult journey, I know that considering the fact that my skill set is only limited to writing and marketing a little bit online. I have expand it drastically to be able to create something of value.

Yeah, during my three years in college, I had managed to create a movie blog which had peaked monthly page views of 500,000 in April. But due to the darned exams, some bad writers I had hired and outsourced some of the content to and Panda updates by Google, the traffic has come down to only a couple of hundred people a day. I don’t know whether I will be able to take the blog to former glory (I had a lot of top rankings on Google! I think I will formulate a strategy so as to rely less on Google for my traffic and make a loyal fanbase for the blog so that such occurences do that happen again.

Sigh. How My Blog's Viewership has declined over the last few months.

I am going through something which the Greeks called ‘Hubris’. When one gets everything in life at an early age, they start challenging the Gods, showing their arrogance and pride. The Gods, well aware of such an attitude, are only too eager to reply. And they strike back with a thunderbolt so strong, it displaces you from your socks in a matter of minutes. You’re knocked back into your sense to realize that life is not rosy and peachy all the time.

I had started making quite a sizeable income before I turned 21. A nice solid profit off my online ventures, more than anything which any of my friends from school or college would dream off, two or three years after college. I don’t remember strutting my feathers in public or gloating about my achievements but I feel I did give off vibes which showed off this luck and hard work.

But now I seem to have come back full circle. With nothing to fall back upon, I have to start a new venture soon and work on my blog too, right from scratch. This time the competition is much more stiff than it was three years back.

Shall keep you posted on my progress.

How Careers Change

How things change within a matter of years. You will be surprised if you read this list of possible careers that I was thinking of going into right from the time when days were merry and we used to play in the sandpit outside Woodseats in 1996 Welham. (Things are so much more different even there, and you will be surprised if you heard that story.) Good things don’t seem to last in this country. My school, like the rest of country has gone such a dramatic change – right from the kind of values that are taught to the children to the skills that are imparted. It used to be a nice boarding school where kids were taught how to think, play, have fun and be good at studies at the same time. Now only the studying bit is encouraged – much like any other government school. The teachers and administators have huge houses and flats in the school while the students don’t have a swimming pool – something which is being ‘promised’ to them for the last 5 years now.

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