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Moving on

After months of deliberation, I have finally decided to quit my job at Drizzlin Media and work on something of my “own”. The reasons are: 1. Do something of my own in the long term Looked at more closely, this really is… Continue Reading →

Unemployed in Delhi

Lord, thank you giving us the freedom of making choices so that we may plan our own lives. It was about time I made some choices and stuck to them instead of jumping around like a wild monkey. With that… Continue Reading →

List of NGOs to Volunteer with in Delhi

I am currently unemployed, almost alone, and quite miserable in a big city. So I thought, why not dig up a list of NGOs, contact them, and volunteer at one of them to pass time, feel a little good, and… Continue Reading →

Why do Indian parents force their kids into ‘safe’ career options when the country is witnessing a vast change in it’s overall outlook? Why do they want their kids to go into careers which have ‘several options’ or where the… Continue Reading →

When you don’t have a job to go to, a class to attend or an exam to write…you’re pretty jobless. Which is what I am. In sophisticated language, I’m taking a sabbatical. For the last few days, I have been planning,… Continue Reading →

Exams have ended and with them, so has my college life in Hindu College. It was an okayish life I guess. In the end, though, I do have a  couple of regrets. Seeing the cut offs now (as much as… Continue Reading →

How things change within a matter of years. You will be surprised if you read this list of possible careers that I was thinking of going into right from the time when days were merry and we used to play… Continue Reading →

Teach for India is where I want to be. A two year teaching fellowship, I’m a little undecided since I haven’t discussed it with my parents. Let’s see.

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