Unemployed in Delhi

Lord, thank you giving us the freedom of making choices so that we may plan our own lives. It was about time I made some choices and stuck to them instead of jumping around like a wild monkey. With that intention, I had made the move from semi-rural Hapur to developed Delhi. Its been four […]

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22 Possible Career Options

When you don’t have a job to go to, a class to attend or an exam to write…you’re pretty jobless. Which is what I am. In sophisticated language, I’m taking a sabbatical. For the last few days, I have been planning, scheming and cooking up ideas in my spare time, trying to figure out a meaningful […]

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How Careers Change

How things change within a matter of years. You will be surprised if you read this list of possible careers that I was thinking of going into right from the time when days were merry and we used to play in the sandpit outside Woodseats in 1996 Welham. (Things are so much more different even […]

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