Greetings mate,

Welcome to my blog!

So you want to know more about this blog eh? I’m glad I’ve got you this interested in this.

In one word – Potty. It’s mostly aimless babbling about the small things in life. Sometime, I come up with nice, insightful shit.

It’s a place where I try to make some sense of the random yet carefully planned occurrences in life. I inspect and introspect these to bring some order into the chaos which life throws at me.

I try to tell you, the reader, very normal things which go through my head. I practice writing and blogging. I try to learn how to create. Words have perhaps more powerful than any other influencing instrument. But one has to learn and practice the art of using them. I write about blogging, life, india, tradition, norms, lifestyle, ideas, convention, and other stupidities like suicide, war, greed, lust, anger, and whatnot.

Sometimes I’m just typing aimlessly because I hate to sit and be bored.

Please read my blog and tell me what you think. It’s mostly unedited. Please forgive any typos, grammer mistakes, factual errors, philosophical errors. I would deeply appreciate if you take a min to comment what you think about in my posts.