22 things that happy people do differently – My version

A very close friend of mine recently forwarded me the link to an article which was titled:

22 things happy people do differently

Now my first reaction was that of indifference and oh-I-know-what-they-do because I have read plenty of such articles, blog posts, guides, pictures and trolls on the internet. Most of them parrot each other and talk essentially the same thing. So I decided I will read and process this article differently.

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Cold Calling and Asking for Help – Is that how you run an NGO?

This post highlights my “do-or-die” policy of getting things done when I want to or when they have been lying undone for a long time. This letter was supposed to go out a week back but somehow, I just kept postponing it because I wanted to research how to send proposals when you are asking for help.

Whether I should do this or that. So I did all kinds of searches on Google.

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What if social media was invented a few decades back?

What if social media was invented a few decades before? What would happen?

Mahatma Gandhi would call a meeting of his aides to discuss the Dandi March:

“Nehru, what do you think should we do?”

“Wait, did you see this troll of Lord Irwin. This guy is killing it. Let me just like this post. Sorry, what were you saying?”, Nehru would probably reply, with half his attention diverted ┬áinto his swanky iPhone.

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Funny Indian Politics

On a whim today, I was watching news channels and listening to interviews of Indian politicians. A funny thing, I saw.

On one channel was Narendra Modi, talking about important issues such as the state of the economy, making better use the youth by developing their skills and other progressive initiatives. Things you want to hear from a leader (it’s another matter if they aren’t really doing what they’re talking about)

On another channel was Digvijay Singh who had been asked about his take on Mr. Modi and he said:

“I want to know his Marital status. Why doesn’t he talk about his marital status? I’m telling you he is a horse with blinkers who has been brought by RSS.”

Is a slower city, a better, healthier city?

In Italy, there’s a city called “Slow city” where people are urged to live a slower life. The kind of life people in India’s small towns and villages enjoy. A lot of American doctors, self-help gurus, writers, etc. are advocating a slower lifestyle, less consumerism, more quiet, stronger family ties, organic food, more walking/cycling, less worry, etc. Does it ring a bell? All these things are a part of life in India. But no, we don’t like this, we want that. The grass is green and all that.

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People I admire – Bunker Roy

I recently came across a TED talk by an ex-dosco called Bunker Roy. He was talking about his work at Barefoot College in Tilonia village, in Rajasthan and I was quite amazed. He has probably conquered innumerable odds, faced plenty of challenges and come out strong if he has been able to run the college since 1972.

He was one the list of Time’s 100 most influential people.

You can read more about the Barefoot college here.
And about Bunker Roy here.

And please watch the TED talk.

It will definitely inspire you.

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